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Ulster Weavers Tea Cosy

Ulster Weavers

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Introducing the extraordinary Ulster Weavers tea cosies - masterpieces of craftsmanship and charm. Impeccably shaped and adorned with a stunning cotton print, these cosies enchant with their adorable character designs. Our artisans have painstakingly crafted them to perfection, ensuring an effective thick wadding lining that retains the heat, keeping your teapot and its contents delightfully warm. Meticulously produced specifically for pots holding 6 cups or under, these cosies are tailored to fit snugly and radiate elegance. The feature detail piping adds a touch of sophistication, while the handy hanging loop provides convenience and easy storage. With measurements approximating 29x34cm, these cosies encase your teapot in cozy beauty. Embrace the exquisite craftsmanship and legacy of Ulster Weavers, where tradition meets innovation, and each stitch whispers tales of our rich textile heritage. Elevate your tea experience, unveiling a world of warmth and style with the Ulster Weavers tea cosies that are destined to transform your teatime rituals.

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