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HOME on water st. was born out of a desire to move, well, back home. Owners Peter Alyward and Don Moores were living in downtown Toronto when the desire hit both to move back to Newfoundland, or as many Newfoundlanders fondly refer to it simply as “HOME”.  Peter, having come from a 12 year retail clothing background, and Don with a Bachelor of Commerce having come from a 13 year career in corporate communications in provincial government, it was a melding of vastly different life experiences that provided the skills, interests, energy and desires that made it work. Taking ownership of the original location at 168 Water Street on October 1, 2001, the store opened on October 13, 2001.

"Our loyal customer base has been built from people who share our appreciation for quality and beauty. Nobody takes the time to display and present our carefully chosen items the way we do. We still offer a store that we’d be thrilled to find in any country and we’re proud to be one of the many hidden treasures St. John’s is famous for. We still offer amazing quality and selection. We still merchandise every item to feature it prominently. We still package and wrap every item as if time is plentiful. We still have customers that appreciate all of this. We want people to still be saying in another 20 years that ours is their favourite store they’ve ever been in. That will be the measure of our success."

Photo credits: Dave Howells

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