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Kalios Balsamic Vinager


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Original Balsamic

Our balsamic is made from balsamic vinegar aged 5 years in oak barrels. We add our petimezi – grape must of Corinth grapes cooked in a cauldron – at the end of the aging process to obtain delicious sweet notes at the end of the mouth. Light in acidity and velvety, it has no additives (no trace of caramel) and no added sugar. You will appreciate its notes of red fruits, honey and quince.

It goes perfectly with salads, roasted vegetables, meat and fish, as well as with our cuvée 01 olive oil in vinaigrette.

Fig Balsamic 

Discover our Kalios fig balsamic, 100% natural. Made from dried fig must cooked with cauldron and grape vinegar aged 5 years in oak barrels, it is without additives and no added sugar. You will appreciate its fruity notes.

It goes perfectly with vinaigrettes, salads, on your cheeses. It is also perfect to deglaze a duck breast fillet, foie gras, a fish or meat marinade.

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